-    A N T A T O M Y   S T U D I E S   - 
S K U L L   S E R I E S

Another favorite practice of mine is to draw skulls. As basic as they are, it’s something I’ve been playing with since I started drawing as a kid. If I’m not actively working on another project or keeping up with some of my other practices, I will turn to skulls and explore their contours and light by using fluid lines and detailed cross-hatching. I love blending long, exaggerated lines around a skull’s natural terrain on top of vibrant, bled inks.
S K U L L   S E R I E S   - 
M E A N I N G   O F   
T H E  P R A C T I C E  

Each piece is always a work in progress. I have several pieces from ten years ago that I will still look at differently and maybe add new lines or spill some color on. For a designer who has to sometimes take on endless edits and have work paths be redirected a hundred times, I find it a relieving practice to not have an end goal, and to not expect anything other than my own satisfaction; to not care as much and relax through the process. That’s what my skulls are for.