-    F L O R I D A   P R O   - 
M U S I C  F E S T I V A L  P O S T E R

The World Surf League event at Sebastian Inlet came to a close and ended with a one-night gig that had a diverse lineup. Headlining the event was SIR SLY, who have quite a trippy vibe and feel to their music videos and album art. This invited me to try and get weird with the design.
G I G  P O S T E R
R O C K  N  R O L L  D O L P H I N 
Fitted with several nautical tattoos and a leather jacket came the concept of a dolphin lead guitarist. The idea was to catch as many eyes as possible to draw a crowd to the outdoor venue at Cocoa Beach. 
My favorite details in this poster are the coral-coated amplifier, water stains, and the clothing textures and grain. For digital awareness, I created this trippy gif - just in case it wasn’t weird enough already.