-   P R E V I O U S   B U S I N E S S   C A R D S    -
P E R S O N A L  B R A N D I N G 
Upon leaving design college, everyone’s obsession was having cool business cards that they would launch around like t-shirts at a basketball game. I took some time on mine and tried to create something very limited and unique that would only be given to those who I was genuinely serious about doing business with. After gaining access to a laser engraving machine, I took the opportunity to make something different.
W O O D   E N G R A V I N G -
P U R P L E   H E A R T 
I spent a fair amount of time deciding what material to use. And then I came across Purple Heart wood. I had never seen it before, and it was the most beautiful muted purple I’d ever seen on wood. The design itself emulated a playing card using my siamese viper design that I had been using for branding at the time.