-    J O H N  B U T L E R    - 
D E V I L  W O M A N  S O N G  P O S T E R 

Inspired by the brilliant album, “Flesh & Blood,” as well as some unfortunate real-life experiences, I wanted to illustrate my take on the song “devil woman” along with other songs from the album.
-    d e v i l   w o m a n    - 
p o s t e r   P r o c e s s 

I wanted the foundation to be traditional, so my first step was to draw it in its entirety and then dissect it for a digital editing process. After a basic pencil drawing, I used a fine fountain pen and ink for a cross-hatched, rough look that fit the album’s aesthetic. A series of three pieces were created with the intention to have different meanings for the songs “Spring to come,” “Bullet girl,” and “Devil woman.”
-  J O H N  B U T L E R  - 
D E V I L  W O M A N  L Y R I C S  
"Hot, red, flame
Tell me now what's his name
And tell me what he got
What he got that I have not?
I know those plates
Of the truck skiddin' out my gates
So boy, go run and hide"