-    H A W A I I A N   K A V A   D  R I N K S    - 
T  H  E   D A N C I N G   R O O T

Kava is a peculiar drink originating from the Pacific islands known for its sedative qualities and euphoric properties. It’s truly bizarre to describe, but its popularity is growing and The Dancing Root wanted a brand that would help sell this mythical plant-based drink.
L O G O  D E S I G N     //     I L L U S T R A T I O N     //     P A C K A G E   D E S I G N
-   K A V A   D R I N K     - 
T H E   L O G O

The brand wanted the logo to breathe the island vibe and a love for life. Kava has historically brought people together, and that was to be visually celebrated in this brand. With the name established, I wanted to create a dancing deity that would symbolize the energy and ethereal power of Kava.​​​​​​​
-   K A V A   D R I N K   - 
B O T T L I N G  K A V A

The drink itself isn’t able to be bottled and packaged like a normal beverage. Typically, Kava is made daily at an event or bar with the intention of it being consumed then and there. That said, we created a bottle for it to be drank from instead of the traditional bowl or shell. The cork lid made it possible for the drink to be purchased and taken elsewhere if necessary to be consumed that day.